Miriam Taylor

Black and white photo of Miriam Taylor

Although I always was a music lover and I loved to watch my granddad play, I started playing guitar myself when I was 18 years old and started to live on my own. I taught myself some chords with the help of a house mate and realized I had a lot of feeling for melodies and lyrics. I used to write Dutch poetry at school but after that I switched to English lyrics. Back then I had a lot on my mind and writing about it healed me. I love to write songs with a message, to my self or to others, about subjects a lot of people can relate to. It is just since 2 years that I am able to pick up singing lessons, something that I wanted for a very long time and now can be realized!

Vocalist and founder of New Night Era. I am born on the 21st of July 1985 in the Netherlands. As I grew up, I was always surrounded by music. My granddad* used to play the accordion and organ, my great uncle played guitar and at birthday parties I remember the sing alongs very well.

Personal growth is something that is very important to me as is treating others with love and respect! My Scottish roots have a big influence in my life as well as my music.

Serge de Groot

I am the Piano/keyboard player and sound engineer for New Night Era. As a kid I was always curious about radio, sound and music in general. I loved to listen to music from Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield and later on in my childhood my grandfather bought me my first synthesizer. He was very musical in different genres and instruments, He played piano, accordion and guitar and was also a choir conductor. As I joined him and my mother I was fascinated by all the different voices and the way arrangements can sound.

I decided that I want to be a sound engineer and after I finished my Sound engineer training I worked at a sound studio for a few years. After that I worked on some different courses and educated myself in more keyboard/piano skills as well as my skills to become a better engineer.

I am still inspired by Synth and New Age music and I love vocal harmonies. I am trying a lot of different styles, I love my rock and metal too! I love to try to pass raw emotion on to others through my music and love the idea of storytelling through rhythm and melodies.