New Night Era was founded by Miriam Taylor in 2012 as a concept for some old songs written a long time ago as well as some new material as we went along. We had a song called Addiction released on SoundCloud as well as a demo version of Son at War, a song about all the aspects of a soldier sent off to fight for his country. After that we needed time to handle stuff in our personal life (and physical health) and free up our minds for some new material.

It took some time but we are back! Behind the scenes we are working hard on new stuff, a brand new website and style. New Night Era is ready for a new phase and a revamped sound! We released some covers on SoundCloud and the time has finally come that we finished Shining Star, which was written years back but has finally evolved into what it is right now! We are also working on some new songs and are planning to release an EP somewhere in 2020!

Sound and influences

We love vocal harmonies and we love to let them shine through in our songs wherever we can. We share some influences from folk music as well as rock and metal, two genres we both enjoy very much. Someone once even made a reference to an Enya like sound. Our last few songs were inspired by Evanescence, Clannad, with a little hint of folky roots.

We choose subjects that are very common, some more than others. Something that someone can relate to, songs from the heart. As you can read in our band introductions, telling a story and sending a message through our songs is very important to us.